Maintenace oldtimers

We are specialized in the maintenance of classic cars

We provide all normal maintenance to oldtimers. Good maintenance is very important and also promotes the fun and experience of driving your oldtimer. Preventive maintenance is something that requires a lot of attention. This goes in good consultation with the owner.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance on oldtimers leads to less wear and tear, longer life, higher reliability and ultimately to lower costs to your oldtimer. Very important is that your classic is safe to drive. Preventive maintenance on your oldtimer means that the oil is refreshed in time, filters are inspected or renewed, brakes and cooling system are inspected, tire checks, oil levels are checked, etc. Avelingen Restorations also takes care of the purchase of new parts, we have Europe-wide parts connections.

All desired activities are carried out with passion. Thanks to years of experience, the knowledge of brands such as Jaguar, Citroën and Mercedes is available. For questions you can contact us. We are happy to help you.